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BFSI (Banking, financial services and insurance)

BFSI Kiosk

A kiosk allows users to access traditional BFSI functions such as deposits and withdrawals, as well as transfer money between accounts and check their balances, all from the convenience of a kiosk. The primary purpose of kiosk banking is to provide easy access and accessibility to as many people as possible, regardless of the time of day. The kiosk offers a variety of features that make it more convenient for customers to manage their money outside of traditional bank hours

Our BFSI Kiosk

Passbook printing kiosk

Avoids Manual Procedures for Passbook Printing (1

Fitted with integrated Barcode Scanner for Automatic Capture of Data (2

Integrated with CBS System to Print Pass Book (3

Reduced Wait Times (4

Optional Remote Management Software (5

24X7 Customer access (6

User Friendly (7

Queue Management Solution

1) A complete branch Q automation system.

2) Provide better customer service experience with reduced customer wait times
# like customer wait time, average service time and employee efficiency.
# Performance & Analytics and reports

3) Immediately increase your Customer satisfaction scores

4) Boost employee productivity rates

5) Complete control over the customer service experience

6) Increase customer retention rates

7) Intelligent product and service sales targeting opportunities

8) A complete branch transformation tool
# To prioritize services for their VIP customers
# Convenient method to cross sell and up sell products to waiting customers.

Check deposit kiosk

Our unique kiosk accepts all CTS ( Cheque Truncation Systems )Compliance cheques. (1

Integrated with Banks Core Banking System (2

Account Validation from CBS System (3

CSV generated to upload outward Clearing. (4

Automated cheque image (as per CTS Compliance) scan and MICR information capture (5

The same cheque image used for background processing & audit. (6

Generate Acknowledgment Slip for Customer with all Details & Cheque image (7

Bill payment kiosk solution

1) Convenience

2) One Stop Access

3) 24 X 7 Use l

4) Payment Through Cash, Cheque and Card

5) Cheque Image on Receipt

6) Instant Payment Through Credit/debit Card

7) Low Cost

8) Reads Bill with Barcode

9) Modular Design Small Footprint

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