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Hospitality Kiosk

Our self-service hospitality kiosks can take your organization the extra mile, by providing customers with personalized services and products to enhance their experience. We offers a variety of hospitality kiosks that are as flexible as your approach to customer service. With the integration of printers, scanners, payment devices, proximity sensors, NFC readers and touchscreen technology, our self-service solutions are able to streamline the entire customer experience.

Our Hospitality Kiosk

Bill Payment Kiosk

Secure bill payment kiosks enable guests to check out and pay their bills with ease. In addition to accepting cash and checks, the kiosks can accept debit cards, and credit cards

Secure Check-In & Key Dispensing

If you’re a hotel or resort a kiosk will allow guests to easily find information, even during late hours when staffing may be minimal. Also, kiosks will allow clients to make secure check-in kiosks help hotels and other establishments provide their guests with a convenient way to check into their room and obtain their keys. Guests can also fill out any necessary forms and pay for their room using the kiosk.

Digital Signage

By providing interactive, detailed information about businesses, organizations, institutions, events, and attractions, digital signage engages visitors and provides a revenue-generating advertising platform

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