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Transportation Kiosk

Among KIOSK's product offerings are automation platforms for corporate airlines and cruise lines, government ticketing, and mass transit e-gates. Typically, these solutions require a high level of customization and integration, which is KIOSK's specialty. For these mission-critical passenger services, we offer custom solution design, and comprehensive field and remote management services.

Our Transportation Kiosk

CUSS- Common Use Self Service

CUSS Check-in is a convenient way for passengers to check in using the Cuss located at the airport. There is an option that allows passengers to select their preferred seat and print their boarding pass and baggage tag

Virtual Help Desk

The Virtual Assist solution provides a simple ‘HELP’ button to allow users to instantly speak to a customer service agent. Pressing the button connects with your remote customer service staff anywhere in the world. A two-way video capability allows users to communicate easily with customer service members to find the information they need.

Way finder

Way-finding kiosks help users navigate their destination and encourage them to explore their surrounding area with interactive information. The wayfinding capabilities allow users to find the most direct route from point A to point B and learn about attractions in the area.

Food Ordering Kiosk

The Food Ordering Kiosk engages and extends outdoor/ indoor self-ordering service to customers. The Kiosk is usable in any weather, including direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, and can be customized to provide payment options.  

Wi Fi Access Ticketing Kiosk

International passengers can access Wi-Fi from the Wi-Fi Access Ticketing kiosks. The kiosk will print the access code after scanning the international passenger passport.


A-FIDS is a scalable, state-of-the-art system including multi-lingual display technology. At any location, it displays timetables, gate information, baggage belts, and other travel and tourist information.

Digital Signage

The user experience can be enhanced and public spaces can be transformed with the help of digital signage technologies. A public transportation display allows you to receive crucial notifications and information while ensuring you arrive on time. This is because of the crowds that gather at significant transportation hubs like railway stations, airports, and subways.

Passenger Feedback Kiosk

A simple smiley face could change the way you analyze and understand customer satisfaction in your organization. Smiley faces for Feed Back immediately evoke a far more welcoming response than even the most straightforward text base Feed Back. And a growing trend towards using smileys in surveys shows how organizations are using this effective and multicultural customer experience collection tool.

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