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Smart City

Smart City Kiosk

Kiosks, which feature interactive touchscreens and a range of engaging applications that provide a variety of information to pedestrians, constitute Smart City Kiosks. These Kiosks can be customized to meet the diverse needs of any city. Kiosk offers a hyper-local experience designed to drive discovery, and mobility

Smart City Kiosk

Way finder

Tourists can get help finding their way around with the digital wayfinding module for tourism kiosks. by Using the touch screen interface, visitors can find where they need to be and the best route to get there. 

Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage engages visitors and provides a revenue-generating advertising platform by promoting businesses, organizations, institutions, events, and attractions with interactive, detailed information

Interactive Information Kiosk

During events, tourist kiosks can be an invaluable investment to boost visitor numbers and revenue.
  • Provide real-time updates
  • Ticket purchase, collection and sign-in functionality
  • Event navigation

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